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Terms of Use


No guarantee can be given about the availability of products , but we guarantee timely consumer information on their unavailability . If we order in kind has been exhausted , we must inform the client of any cancellation or modification.


The payment of your order is done by :

-on receipt of your order with cash on delivery (+ 3 €)

-through PAYPAL

-with deposit account


Returns accepted within 10 days of receipt with cost burden .

If wrong order you made will refund the full purchase cost DIRECTLY .

Welcome Babycare-nikolaou

We acknowledge the following terms of use of our online store . Their purpose is to better serve you , as well as information about your rights and your obligations . These conditions are the policy 'Babycare-nikolaou'' and moving into a market through our online store , automatically mean that you accept them unconditionally . These conditions may be amended , modified but will not affect orders that have registered. If someone does not agree with these terms must refrain from the use of this store and every transaction with this .


Our e- shop accepts no responsibility for any technical problems that may arise to computer users before , after and during access our site .


Upon completion of an order on our website, you will be asked to register your personal data (name , surname , email, address and order dispatch phone number ) to process your orders . The personal data you fill anywhere on pages of our online shop , kept solely for purposes relating to your transactions with us , communication and improved service and may not be used by any third party (except as provided by law the competent authorities) . Finally , personal security is the password you provide when you become a member of To present any of your personal data should first be given the username and password. For this reason, you should store well these data do not risk falling into the hands of others . We also advise you to create password using symbols with alphanumeric characters . All transactions made through governed by international and European law , which regulates issues relating to e -commerce as well as the Law on Consumer Protection (Law 2251/1994 ) , which regulates issues relating to distance selling .

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